Aust military court faces stiff resources challenge

Taken at his recent trial in the city of Novgorod, an arrest warrant for the leader of Russia’s extremist separatist movement for an attack on soldiers at Kharkiv is due to be issued on Jan. 24.

It is not known when or if that order will go into effect.

A senior military official told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency in the country’s capital that the order will be issued by the commander of the anti-terrorism unit, Artem Dyatlov, an officer who has served as the commander of the national anti-terrorism unit since 2015 and who was recently made head of the elite police unit.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly address the issue.

“The order that I was given means, if ther우리카지노e is a legal request by Novorossiya… we will issue that order, because it’s a legal order,” he said.

But there are concerns that it may not go into effect.

Dyatlov said the government and the court were working toward the finalisation of their request for the arrest warrant, but said it would take time.

But a second top military official said there are no such problems.

Dyatlov also said that he wants to put some measures in place to help train and equip peoapronxple in Kharkiv in the event of a situation similar to what happened in the city in October 2014, when soldiers were attacked by radical Chechen separatists.

Earlier this month, Russia started military exercises in areas under Ukrainian control as part of efforts to show that it could 카지노 사이트handle a separatist threat.

The Ukrainian security services fear that the Chechen-led separatists, who are fighting Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, are seeking to take control of the region.