So, always be mindful of all the points mentioned above to fix latency of online games. Here’s a not-s0-pro, but a generic tip to fix high ping in online games.

If the signal strength is weak, it is obvious that the ping speed will be high. So, moving your computer closer to the WiFi till you get a strong signal of your WiFi is recommended. However, if there is a wall in between the router and your PC, even a strong signal could be failing your attempt to reduce ping speed in online games.

Routers have their own bandwidth capacity, and just like any other electronic devices, they also get outdated as technology is upgraded. So, make sure that your router is up to date with your internet connection. If you have a basic internet plan, you can also upgrade your plan to get a higher internet speed. Higher internet speed will for sure fix slow ping speed in online games.

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Also, internet bandwidth usage by other programs will also increase ping time while online gaming. Closing down all the websites open in your browser and the programs running in the background can actually help to reduce ping speed in online games. Running websites and programs do not only utilize the processor resources, but some also utilize internet bandwidth while they are running. One of the ways to check if you are getting enough signal from WiFi is to look for the WiFi signal strength in the extreme right side of the Taskbar.

  • I also uploaded the video so you can get a visual of how extreme the lag really is.
  • One thing I do want to mention that I also have noticed happening at the same time.
  • I did a lot of reading about this and read that Apple messed with some Kext relating to USB hubs after trying several ‘hackintosh’ fixes that didn’t work I decided to revert back to Yosemite .
  • (sadly I still get static and am waiting on a powered usb hub that may fix the problem. Always got to try the cheapest fixes first).

Let’s hope the grunt power in each of a quad core Intel cpu still does a good job on million-core games. As to which hardware performs generally better when it comes to "equivalent" competitors, it depends on the quality of all components involved. However, if we make the debate CPU-only, it’s a lottery actually.

This is a broader approach, while one-core power is a single aspect on this discussion. I remember when I could only start given games with custom tools/tricks other people came up with. When I said "what do you expect with a dual core" I’m referring to the fact that Far Cry 4 won’t even launch without an injector.

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And this applies only to WiFi users, in case, using an Ethernet cable to access the internet is not an option. Bringing your PC and Router closer to each other will definitely help you to lower ping speed. Seems like you having said "what do you expect with a dual" means you adjust your definition of perfect to suit your budget. Needless to say you have a different idea of what most do on what it means for a CPU to play a game perfect. Most would agree if there are any settings compromises or bottleneck, it’s far from perfect.

Also, check on other connected devices if something is being downloaded or uploaded. If so, you will need to stop that as well in order to improve ping speed in online game. High RAM and Processor usage by other programs other than the game will, of course, leave less processor memory for the game, thus will increase latency.