Learner driver faces drink driver charge over car stunt Read more

He was jailed for five years at Oxford crown court, suspended for a year and o바카라사이트rdered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work and carry out 150 hours of unpaid community work.

His solicitor, James Nunn, said his client was innocent an바카라사이트d that he took care of his own needs, including cleaning the car. He did not want to speak publicly.

“He has served more than 400 hours as a driver for my client,” Nunn said. “He has a good life outside work and he has no desire to change that.”

The court was told that when police arrived at the scene of the crash they were informed of a broken taillight on the driver and believed the car was stolen.

Nunn said: “He saw people coming up the hill from the rear, but he stopped because there was no-one behind. He had to stop as the cars were coming around him.

“After stopping, he had to pull over, as cars were going too fast for his car.”

Nunn said the woman who called police described as a friend had witnessed the incident and also appeared to have seen the vehicles before Nunn asked her for information. “Her name is Karen,” Nunn said. “She had come down to ask for information because of the accident. Her information did not make it into the police report.

“I am very sorry, her name was too busy for me.”

At the scene of the crash, it is believed that the woman pulled up next to her friend and began talking to her as they passed at high speed. When the cars came바카라 to a stop, Nunn said his client lost control of the car as it drove off the road.

“She kept going for 10 to 15 metres then she went round another car. They were going to the side of the road,” he said. “He looked up and there were two trucks blocking them. As she went round the trucks she stopped and he lost control.”

Police released the man’s mug shot after finding CCTV video of the crash on the internet, the prosecution said.

It also said that the car had been taken for checks after the incident and that its parts were being searched to find any items that could have caused the crash.